Putting the pieces together

My first novel has been written for a while now. I started writing it while in New York on my honeymoon back in 2012. About a year later I really put some time into it, and in about 2 months had a very rough first draft.

From there, I spend about three YEARS working with my amazing editor, Stu Hatton. In this time the manuscript changed dramatically and is all the better for it.

After spending about a year shopping it around, I decided that what I wanted the most was for my story to be read, so I decided to get it out into the world on my own. This has been a bit of a whirlwind journey. After the long, slow process of writing and editing, it is amazing how quickly everything else has come together.

Yesterday, I went through the whole manuscript to check formatting, making sure that my page breaks were in the right spot and all the chapter numbers were correct. I also altered the page size and margins to match publication specifications. I then had to add a whole heap of pages at the beginning, like the title page, copyright page and dedication page. I also registered for an ISBN. Then I set up this website and populated it with some basic content.

Today, I am working with David Doubtfire on a cover design. Once I have that, I'm pretty much ready to go with the book itself, but now I need to think about marketing and distribution.

This is going to be quite a journey!