Eugen opened a case and placed it on a bench where I could see it. It was full of syringes of varying sizes. The healers in Koraliss used syringes to treat the sick, but I had never seen such large ones. He picked one up and held it up to the light. It was full of an opaque blue liquid. It looked thick, like a gel, but when he pressed on the end of it, droplets the consistency of water spurted out the top. I squirmed, but my hands and legs were bound tightly to the table. I strained my neck, trying to keep Eugen in my eye line. He kept talking.

‘What we don’t know, is why you were running. The Chamber is very keen to find you, so either you stole something from them, or you have information. I suspect the latter. What I need from you today – I think you will find it is very reasonable – is for you to tell me exactly what it is you know, and why you were running from the Chamber. In return, I won’t insert this into your inner thigh.’


The Blood Apothecary is a Young Adult fantasy novel. It details the journey of Kadence Kreed, a fifteen-year-old girl who becomes the town executioner. Uncovering corruption in the town, Kadence must unravel the mystery of the Apothecary, and learn to fight for her beliefs.

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